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Just got my mango tree from him tonight thanks to my Brother-in-law. D was awesome from start to finish and super accommodating while I struggled all week to figure out how to get it home haha. He was always prompt and on point thanks again and will be doing more business in the future for sure!

Vito Rauseo

Hands down, Dustin has awesome trees and provides great service. I live in CA and recently purchased trees for my parents in FL and we couldn't be happier. Dustin answered all of my questions, sent pictures of trees and even face-timed me to ease my worries of sending a lot of money without personally being able to go to his nursery to see the trees that I was purchasing. All I can say is that you get what you pay for. Top notch trees and service.

The Giving Fruits

I called D’s fruit trees and they answered right away. I bought a mango tree they came and planted it. He was very helpful and emailed me good instructions how to take care of. I definitely recommend them. Very knowledgeable

Jessica Aguiar Guillen

Just a really incredible place. Dustin is a walking encyclopedia of botanical knowledge and their trees are some of the healthiest I've seen anywhere. Kristi was awesome and so friendly showing us around the nursery. Y'all are so talented and passionate about what you do and it shows.

Pro Tip: It's unmarked so if you think you've arrived, you probably have. Definitely call ahead as it's just the two of them running this incredible gem.

Jason Hall

Couldn’t recommend D’s Fruit Trees more!! He was SO helpful, and he is an expert in his field. He answered all of our questions and was very professional. Can’t wait to tell all of our friends!

Caroline Dissette

Just to give you an update. I got my Carrie mango from you at the beginning of the pandemic 2020. Well I am now enjoying 7 mangos from the tree I got from you and they are super sweet.

Wendy Sagastume

If you are looking for trees that are virtually impossible to find anywhere around, Dustin has the answers. I was looking for an Ilama tree for a long time, and could never find it anywhere. Dustin was able to get me a nice looking fruit tree to add to my collection. Highly recommend this guy!

jihvg bin

Dustin has an incredible selection of the best fruit trees you can buy in all sizes and usually priced just below any other nursery. He has dozens of mango varieties and can tell you how they all taste, grow, and tips for success. Every tree I've bought is doing amazing. As an added plus he also does landscape design so if you want to have top quality fruit trees and also make sure they look nice in your landscape, then Dustin can make it happen.

Elan Lowenstein

Good plants small collection he what i wanted . Great guy with a really cool personality. Price right too. Want a fruit tree check him out.

Julian Meikle

Hidden gem, tons of trees available and very friendly. Thank you for your help with my new tree!

Eder Mendes

The service was excellent

Rene Rodriguez

Perfect place for me i just wanted 1 plant ended up leaving with 3. D was very patient with all my questions and even gave me information on how to take care of plants i had at home. I highly recommend for someone like me that wants to get fruits for my back yard so my kids pick off or the experience grower. I drove from Fort Lauderdale it was a very far drive and many nurseries in-between but definitely worth the drive.

DJ Big Ralph

Dustin is awesome! Just yesterday we got a huge triple foxtail palm, several fruit trees, a frangipani tree, and two strawberry guava trees. Dustin met us at several nurseries, and helped us select great trees. He showed up on time, planted them and they look fantastic! We highly recommend.

Sabrina Haake

I called for Exotic Tree's in the Fall and wasn't expecting much based off of my experience with other Nurseries from Central to South Florida. But after calling D's Nursery... He had everything I wanted and MORE! He had Large trees from A-Z and are all in Great shape! I will only be buying trees from here in the Future, if I need to anymore 🙂

Samer Diab

Dustin, thank you very much for the trees. Absolutely love the handful of trees my wife and I purchased. Best nursery I have ever been to with high quality, healthy, beautiful fruit trees. Dustin was very friendly, knowledgeable, passionate about what he does. Highly recommend!!!

Ernesto Coro

@ Cristy and Tico's new home !!! They used Ds fruit trees ! They bought amazing all grown trees and you can pay to have them planted in your backyard ! EXCELLENT and BEAUTIFUL mature fruit trees ! This place is amazing! Even if you just want to see the best little hidden garden of fruit trees and seat under a huge lychee tree with the owner and feel like time stood still 😀 😊 @dsfruittreesllc

Ivonne Navaro

D’s Fruits is my number one spot for all beautiful rare and tropical fruit trees! The trees are bigger, fuller, and more healthy than anywhere else. The prices are extremely competitive, and D really knows so much about each plant.

Note: he has trees in stock that are sold out everywhere else and in 15-25-35-60 gallons!!!!

I’m writing this review after he has personally installed 35 trees on my property—from a Butterscotch Sapodilla to Mamincillo to Pumpkin Spice Mamey to Breadfruit. I WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE!

Axie Scholarship

Not cheap, but everything is top shelf, well cared for and pest free. Also lots of difficult to find fruit trees. The best specialty fruit tree nursery I know in Florida.

Mike Yoski

Thanks Dustin.
It is a beautiful lemon tree!
So kind of you to travel all that distance to deliver so early on a holiday morning
Truly appreciated
Best Fred.

Fredric Leslie

Nice place friendly and helpful. Purchased a Dragon fruit tree will! Excited to watch it grow andature. Will definitely return and I recommend this place to others.

Michele Pederson

So glad we found Dustin! He’s super knowledgeable and is happy to provide advice on which trees are the best for your home and space. We bought four trees and will be going back for more. Always a pleasure to support someone who is passionate about the work they do!

Flavia Cuervo

Excellent fruit plants and Dustin is an encyclopedia of knowledge.

Nelson Gaztambide

Dustin is the Zen Master of fruit trees. He came to my property and spotted many problems with my fruit trees. From spiders to mites, from malnourishment to diseases...that said Dustin knew what to do right away, and within a week, my trees had all taken a dramatic turn for the better. He taught me more in 45 minutes than everything I learned in the hours scouring the internet looking for answers. It was great being around a person so passionate and excited to share his love for fruit trees! When he came for the follow-up visit, he was more excited to see the healthy new growth on my trees than I was! Not only did he come to save my trees, but I also ended up buying 2 more trees from him to add to our little grove. Thank you, Dustin!


It was a very satisfying experience having Dustin and crew deliver and install 15 large fruit 2.5 hours away from his nursery. I find Dustin to be honest, accommodating and RELIABLE!!
I would recommend everyone to visit the nursery like my wife and I did. If they dont have it....they will get it!
Keep up the good work Dustin.

Joel Grant

I'm so glad I called D's Fruit Trees. D had the yellow dragon fruit variety that I wanted and none of the other local nurseries I called or visited had. The trees are in very good condition and service was excellent.

Javier Jimenez

Dustin is amazingly passionate about fruit trees. We went for mangoes. Not only does he have an extremely unique collection of hard-to-find mangoes but he also has the classics. His knowledge of fruit trees is extensive. My wife and I went today and brought home three trees. I only wish I had space for more mangoes. Visit D's. You will be glad that you did.

Jorge Blanco

Drove down to Ds today and met a nice family man that has a passion for fruit tree like myself. I've been searching for a Purple Star Apple Tree (couldn't find any from Palm Bay down thru Palm Beach and Loxahatchee), in just minutes of calling D's he found me a beautiful tree and sent pictures. When I arrived he offered me and my little one a few of his on mangoes and showed us around. The Sweet Tart Mango was insanely good. We grabbed a few other trees and headed back. He takes real good care of what he grows and got the connections to find what you are looking for.

Jakub Wurze

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